Bangabaoui Education Program Enquiry

  • Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Sydney
  • Product code: BB

Bangabaoui meets the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cross Curriculum Priority in the Australian Curriculum. Students will understand the elements of Identity and Living Communities and the interconnected concepts of Country/Place, Culture and People embedded in the  curriculum, through an enjoyable and highly acclaimed participatory excursion.

Bangabaoui’s educational content provides informative material and focus points for all learning areas and is also a great opportunity for integrated units of work in key areas such as History, Geography, Commerce, Business Studies, Legal Studies and Aboriginal Studies.

Bangabaoui is perfect for year level group excursions and subject specific learning!


  • Two-hour harbour cruise and island visit led by Aboriginal guide and performers
  • On board commentary with identification of important cultural landmarks, description of place names and historical context
  • Educational island tour and traditional performance 


  • Cruise from Circular Quay on Tribal Warrior’s vessel the Mari Nawi
  • Learn Aboriginal place names; about key cultural figures and colonial history
  • Visit Be-lang-le-wool (Clark Island)
  • Understand Aboriginal family life, fishing, hunting and other food gathering techniques, land use in the area and the importance of the local flora
  • Understand the significance of traditional body paint, Indigenous art and dreamtime stories.
  • Listen to traditional music and actively participate in traditional dance

PRICE (including GST)

Prices are on a sliding scale depending on group size—the larger the group, the lower the per student cost. (Eg. 140 students at $17.50 each, 100 students at $25 each; 30 students at $83 each)

Minimum numbers for the cruise are generally 30 up to a maximum capacity of 140.


This is an enquiry form only, with no payment required to proceed.  We will be in touch as soon as possible to confirm prices and availability or please contact us to discuss your school’s excursion. 

We frequently combine school groups to allow cost effective experiences for schools or classes with small numbers.  


Tribal Warrior

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